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While vending says a lot about the services we provide, it doesn’t capture the customization truly offered by Consolidated Vending. We offer a variety of services that can be crafted together to create an unique refreshment solution for the pain points that exist in your New York business, such as low morale or high turnover.

State-of-the-art vending machines offer your picks from the latest snack and beverage choices.
Lessen the cost of items for your employees by covering a portion of the vending product prices.
Show employees they are valued with food, snacks, and beverages paid for by your company.
Remove the vending machines, but still offer a variety of snacks and beverages to refresh staff.

Employee benefits

Cheap Employee Benefit

Subsidized food and drinks are important to workplace loyalty.

Retain talent with competitive refreshment in the break room. Less expensive than other benefit options, such as wage increases. Scalable by sponsoring a single category or partial cost of all items.

Vending machines

Unique vending solution

Consolidated Vending tailors the vending service solution for your specific needs.

Healthy vending products can be any portion of the vending machine. Select from today’s popular brand name food, snacks, and drinks. Service schedule defined based on restocking need and level of use.

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Nutritious & Delicious

Consider us your resource in bringing healthy items to New York break rooms.

Researched federal and local requirements for healthy vending products. Broad selection of food, snacks, and beverages that meet nutrition guidelines. Designate the healthier vending options with special stickers and colors.

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Refreshlingly Easy

Not only will vending service be convenient for employees, but also for you.

Dependable equipment with the latest online monitoring to alert of issues. One stop solution for your New York facility or human resource manager. Customer service representatives available 24/7 for issues that may arise.

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Your knowledge source

Contact any one of our vending service professionals to learn about services that help your company.

Focus on employee retention and attraction with free refreshment offerings. Boost morale with a break room makeover and 24 hour mini store. Keep employees in the office with sophisticated brewers that rival baristas.

Vending service isn’t just a few machines, but the experience and professional staff to back up the guarantees. That’s what you get with Consolidated Vending at 844-777-8363 (VEND) or

Invested in technology and service that brings New York unsurpassed vending machine, office coffee, and micro-market solutions.

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