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Professional beverage vending machine provider serving the New York area.

Consolidated Vending brings all the best cold drink options directly to you, including healthy beverage solutions. Customize the beverage vending machine in your New York break room by choosing from the classic carbonated sodas to the new age functional beverages, and everything in between. All drinks are delivered via state-of-the-art beverage vending machines that accept credit and mobile payments and run online accountability reports.

  • Top of the line vending machines deliver product and create electronic reports on what sells
  • Certified refrigeration technicians are on staff to change compressors fast and efficiently.
  • Cashless vending payment means users can buy with credit and debit cards or their mobile.
  • Never wait to report a vending machine issue, we have staff available any time of day or night.
  • Get the personal touch from your locally owned New Your beverage vending machine provider.
  • Ensure your beverage vending machine represents your company with top quality products.
  • Empower employees to live healthier with healthy beverage vending machine selections.

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Drink solutions for every need.

We offer the right beverage and vending machine combination for your New York business.


Reliable beverage vending machines and trusted drink brands are available to your New York business.


Pump up your corporate wellness program by showcasing healthy beverages in the vending machine.

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Hand tailor your beverage vending machine options to the needs of you building staff and guests.


Professional route drivers restock and clean regularly -- 24/7 customer service reps handle the rest.

The right beverage selection can make your break room a valued employee benefit. Let Consolidated Vending help at 844-777-8363 (VEND) or info@ConsolidatedVendingNY.com.

Invested in technology and service that brings New York unsurpassed vending machine, office coffee, and micro-market solutions.

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