Hundreds of products and open design combine to revive your New York break room.

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Professional micro-market installation using self-service kiosks in New York.

A mini on-site store open 24/7.


Micro-markets let you highlight fresh and nutritious options that support a healthier lifestyle.


The easy-to-use touchscreen kiosk allows staff to make purchases any time of day or night.


We handle all stocking, purchasing, inventory, and service associated with the micro-market.


Employees love the variety and open concept of the market, feeling valued and appreciated.

Office micro-market

More of the products that refresh your workforce

Employees at New York locations with micro-markets enjoy the greatest refreshment variety.

Micro-markets offer a fresh take on refreshment in the break room. Funded by the employees making purchases, it still gives access to indemand snacks, dozens of fresh food options, and the most popular beverages. Because the shelves are open and coolers unlocked, employees can pick up and look at labels before they buy. The accompanying self-checkout kiosk allows purchases at any time.

Variety of snacks in an office micro-market

Small office? We offer the New York Nano Market solution.

Still provide a wide variety of food, snacks, and beverages.
Give the open concept feel to your smaller business break room.
Provide the convenience of the 24/7 self-serve mini store.
Scalable solution that can grow with your New York company.

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Revamp Your Break Room with a Micro-Market

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