Deliver the cafe experience in your New York break room with quality coffee and state-of-the-art brewers.

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Professional office coffee service for New York locations.

Convert your break room into a destination.


Brew a pot or carafe with a reliable commercial machine ideal for high volume accounts.

Single Cup

Offer everyone in the office a choice of coffee with a brewer that produces drinks by the cup.


A vast selection of today’s favorite coffee brands packaged just for office coffee service.

Water Filtration

More convenient and easier than bottled water, filtered water offers the same great taste.

Water filtration machine
Water free from impurities that affect taste will please employees and enhance your existing coffee and tea.

Pure tasting water quenches thirst and enhances OCS.

Plumbed In Units

Our systems attach directly to your location’s water line, then run the water through filters to enhance taste.

Coutnertops & Floor Models

Units can be placed on the break room counter or designed as a floor model. Both offer hot and cold taps.

Energize your employees with coffee that rivals the coffeehouse and keeps them on site. Contact Consolidated Vending at 844-777-8363 (VEND) or

Invested in technology and service that brings New York unsurpassed vending machine, office coffee, and micro-market solutions.

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